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  Do Not Fear  
  © 2009 Nuggets of Truth  
  • His Hands
  • Place of Rest
  • When I Cry
  • Do Not Fear
  • How Deep The Father's Love
  • Broken Heart
  • When There Are No Words
  • Healing Love
  • All in All
  • Every Moment
  • Coming Home
  • I'm Alive
CD Price: $12.99 

  Here I Am  
  © 2006 Nuggets of Truth  
  • Draw Me Close / Breathe
  • As the Deer
  • Here I am to Worship
  • Oh Lord, You're Beautiful
  • Amazing Grace / Grace Flows Down
  • You Are My King
  • I Will Bow To You
  • I Surrender All
  • Glorify Thy Name
  • He Knows My Name
  • At the Foot of the Cross
  • We Fall Down
  • When the Music Fades
CD Price: $12.99 

  Heart of Worship II  
  © 1999 Nuggets of Truth  
  • God of Hope
  • His Hands
  • Gracious Father
  • I See the Lord
  • How Deep the Father's Love
  • All in All
  • Lord I Desire
  • When I Cry
  • Let Me Hear your Word
  • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  • Faithful
  • Holy Love
CD Price: $12.99 

  As I Kneel CD  
  © 1998 Nuggets of Truth  
  • As I Kneel
  • Good Night Little One
  • A Mother's Touch
  • The Reading of the book "As I Kneel"
  • Sampler Songs

See also the As I Kneel Book Childrens Book

As I Kneel CD: $5.00 

  Heart of Worship  
  © 1996 Nuggets of Truth  
  • We See God
  • Sovereign Lord
  • A Child Like Heart
  • Child Of Mercy
  • Hide Me In The Shelter
  • Hide Me In Your Holiness
  • Healing Love
  • As We Seek/Jesus Draw Me Close
  • Do Not Fear
  • Blessed Assurance
  • Lord You Are So Precious
  • Soften My Heart
  • Your Tears
  • Arms Of Love
CD Price: $12.99 

  Every Moment  
  © 1995 Bonnie Knopf Nuggets of Truth  
  • Proclaim
  • I Will Call Upon The Lord
  • Every Moment
  • Place Of Rest
  • Heart Full Of Love
  • It Doesn't Matter
  • Where You Are
  • Forever The Same
  • I'd Never Trade
  • He Cries
  • At Your Table
CD Price: $12.99 

  Close to His Heart  
  © 1994 Bonnie Knopf Nuggets of Truth  
  • Nothin' Keeps Your Love
  • It's Good To See You Again
  • Broken Heart
  • Close To His Heart
  • Gates Of Gold
  • Keepers Of The Vision
  • As I Kneel
  • When There Are No Words
  • Is There A Place
  • My Jesus, I Love Thee
CD Price: $12.99 

  Light On The Fringe Book  
  © 2009 By Dr. Gary Lovejoy and Dr. Gregory Knopf  

It is in the darkest of times when the smallest amount of light becomes the most effective. When the overwhelming weight of doubt and the consuming presence of depression shroud every circumstance, hope is often the thing that seems the greatest distance away. Light on the Fringe offers a heartening look into the realities of depression and fashions a biblical perspective that will give renewed life to a hope that endures.

Book Price: $12.99 

  A Christians Guide to Depression & Antidepressants - Book  
  © 2009 Dr. Gregory Knopf  

A Christian’s Guide to Depression and Antidepressants tackles the whats and whys of depression; but more importantly, it answers the follow-up questions about what comes next. Depression, along with its causes and treatments, can be understood. Don’t let confusion and discouragement paralyze you into a state of hopelessness and surrender. Knowing the “big picture” that is presented in this book can empower you to find the answers and take the steps to get help for yourself or your family and friends. As Dr. Knopf states in the book, “more than 90% of people can experience a full recovery if they are accurately diagnosed and treated.” Now is the time to break through and get started on that journey out of depression!

Book Price: $5.00 

  A Mother's Touch  
  © 1998 Nuggets of Truth  
  • A Mother's Touch
  • It's Good To See You Again
  • Standing At The CrossRoads
  • Close To His Heart
  • Do Not Fear
  • We See God
  • A Child-Like Heart
  • Everything Is In His Hands
  • God Will Make A Way
  • Keepers Of The Vision

  Standing at the CrossRoads Cassette  
  © 1997 Nuggets of Truth  
  • Let Me Hear Your Word
  • All Over The World
  • Everything Is In Your Hands
  • Standing At The Crossroad
  • Have Mercy On Me
  • God Will Make A Way
Sorry All Sold Out

  © 1986 Nuggets of Truth  
  • Maker Of Sunshine
  • I See The Light
  • No Time
  • True Love
  • Keep My Eyes On You
  • I Sing The Almighty Power Of God
  • Follow Him
  • All My Faith In You
  • Jehovah Reigns
  • Treasures
Sorry, All Sold Out


Copyright 2006 Bonnie Knopf. All Rights Reserved.
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